Copies of Clockhouse

Please Note:  If your are an author included in a particular volume, or were a member of the Clockhouse staff who worked on a particular volume, you are entitled to a discount on purchases of that volume.  Please email us at orders@clockhouse.net and let us know how you’d like to arrange your purchase, and we’ll send you either a Paypal invoice or a printable invoice to send with an order you can place by mail as described below.  Many thanks!

Volume Five – 2017

Volume Four – 2016

Volume Three – 2015

Volume Two – 2014

Volume One – 2013

Copies of Clockhouse are $12.00 each and payment may be made through Paypal at checkout, or by check as described below.  Shipping and handling prices within the United States are as follows:For 1-2 copies add: $5.75 per address
For 3-13 copies add: $12.65 per address
More than 13 copies:   Please email us for specific shipping detailsIf you wish to pay by check for orders to be shipped to U.S. addresses:Please calculate the cost of the number of copies desired and add the appropriate shipping fee, then send your name, address, email address, volume number and quantities desired, plus a check payable to Clockhouse Writers’ Conference, to

Clockhouse Writers’ Conference
Administrative Office
352 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Should you wish to have copies shipped outside the United States or have any questions, please email us at orders@clockhouse.net.

Copies are also available through Rivendell Books and Bear Pond Books, both located in Montpelier, VT.


With thanks and every good wish,

Kathryn Cullen-DuPont

Lead Steward, Clockhouse Writers’ Conference


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