Contents of Volume Four, 2016

Contents of Volume Four, 2016

Note from the Editorial Director

Sarah Cedeño

Moments, Lapses, and Spans 

 Creative Nonfiction

Jeff Ewing

A Driving Tour of Quaker Graveyards

Jacinda Townsend

The Day I Lost New York

Anne Panning

Excerpts from My Ten-Year-Old Daughter’s Future Memoir,
The Green Robe & Other Inherited Memories

Sondra Olson

Bending Time


Aaron Adair

The Homecoming

Terence Patrick Hughes

Tea & Misery


Robin Black


Tessa Yang

Search and Rescue 


Sarah Cedeño

On Time, Memory, and Investigative Journaling of the Self: A Conversation with Dani Shapiro

The Folio curated by Bhanu Kapil

Bhanu Kapil

Folio Note, en route

Samiya Bashir

Maps::a cartography in progress

Lucas de Lima


Eunsong Kim

Machine Learning

Working Towards 31 Letters and 13 Dreams


Cynthia Manick

Middle Passage

NY MTA Transit Exam Attempt #4

The Future of Skin

Seeking Language for Peaches or Joy

Sarah Van Arsdale

And I Was a Girl

Sharon Suzuki-Martinez

Karma via the Internet

Donna J. Long

The Price of Eggs

Joannie Stangeland

When Time Becomes My Best Blue Dress

Dennis Goza

The Mathematics of Hyperbole

John Sweet

man crawling on the ocean floor

Gerald Yelle

Timothy, Timothy

Tyler Erlendson

Was Here

Donald Illich


Cindy King

The Spires

The Lesson

Steven Mayoff

The 99 Billion Problems of God

Neil Carpathios


Irena Praitis

1949 Armistice Agreements

Erik Schuckers

Grant Town, West Virginia: July 4, 2000


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