…an eclectic conversation about the work-in-progress of life…

We at Clockhouse believe that writing, and reading, is a conversation between writer and reader, and also among larger communities. We take this idea to the next level and include formal conversations with writers whose work tangibly resonates with the mission of Clockhouse—conversations about the impact of the written word on the world and the world on the written word. You won’t find any writer profiles here. Instead, you’ll discover what these writers are doing in their own personal worlds, and how their work is reflecting, shaping and influencing the world that we all share.

Volume Five, 2017: Margaret Medina interviews Cynthia Bond

Volume Four, 2016: Sarah Cedeño interviews Dani Shapiro

Volume Three, 2015: Kathryn Cullen-DuPont interviews James Hannaham

Volume Two, 2014: Rahna Reiko Rizzuto interviews M.T. Anderson

Volume One, 2013: Julie Parent interviews Susan Kim

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